Another Room Addition

Once again it appears it has been a long time since I updated the website.  Apologies.  Since the last update a LOT has happened.   There are no more propane tanks in the house.  The propane… Continue reading

Summer 2012

Well it is almost another year since my last post and a lot has happened.   We lost 4 chickens this spring to strange and sudden symptoms.   They would be fine one day, then would seem drunk and disoriented.… Continue reading

Much Much Later…

So apparently it’s been almost a year since I posted an update…  My bad.  Funds ran low and I had to start working in order to keep working…  So here we are.  Last time I posted about running the pipes… Continue reading

What’s New at New Eridu

Ok, as usual it is months between posts, but for good reason.  A lot has been going on, so let me catch you up.  First of all, last year saw us burn through 7 cords of wood to heat 250… Continue reading

Closer to completion…

Ok, so we left off with the well drilling…  well here’s a picture of the finished well head.  The water was hit at 165 feet but it was decided to go down to 195 feet to make sure there was… Continue reading

Catching up on the site…

Sorry for the delay folks.  Ok so here’s what we’ve been up to at New Eridu.   One of the first orders of business this spring was to get another solar panel and increase the overall capacity of the system.   Fortunately… Continue reading

Oops, almost forgot…

I almost forgot to mention that 4 more Deka L-16 solar batteries have been added to the array for a grand total of 8.  Each battery will store 350 amp hours, so the array is now 2800 amp hours of… Continue reading

Just a basic update…

Last time we left off the shower was still in progress.  That hasn’t changed though it is ready now to have stucco applied and then it will be done.   I have been working at a neighbors house building a custom… Continue reading

Power System is Online!

I have installed and dry run tested the inverter and battery bank.  I couldn’t connect the solar panels yesterday because it was too windy and I would never be able to get back off of that roof.  The ladder was… Continue reading

Starting to Lay adobe

I’m prepping the foundation today with concrete and mortar to create a level surface to lay the bricks.  Once that sets up I will start laying brick and post some pictures.  Here’s another picture of the foundation with the railroad… Continue reading