Adobe and Panels are here!!!

Ok, I ordered my first batch of adobe in the interest of time since winter is fast approaching.  Pictures of them are in the gallery.  For the first batch of 1300 adobes, the final cost including delivery was $2,345 and that included the pallets and offloading with a forklift.  These are fully stabalized adobes, meaning you can put them in a bucket of water and they will not lose their shape.  They are not moisture permeable, so should hold up even during the rainy season with no external plastering.   I want to keep the original adobe brick appearance on the first building at least.  The solar panels are in and I’m going to be mounting them today or tomorrow, the inverter and the rest of the stuff is still at the shop waiting for me to pick up.   I heard a mouse the other day, so meet the mousetrap squad…  First is Marduk a veteran mouser adopted from a local shelter…


Next we have Gilgamesh and Enkidu…  they were inseperable at the shelter so I adopted them together to be the next generation of mousetrap squad.  Marduk keeps them in line…


I’ll be taking some pictures as the installation proceeds and will update the site again soon.

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