Finally here!!

As promised, I am posting the final costs for the land, the RV, and some of the basic living expenses I will be incurring.

Land:  Final closing costs, all told were $12,258 for the 10 acre parcel of mesa land.  Images are in the gallery section.

RV:  I went with a travel trailer, rather than an RV.   The travel trailer is 26 feet, 1 queen bed and 2 bunk beds, kitchen, living room, bath, dining and an external shower.  Final cost was $7,400.   I didn’t have to spend this much or get quite as large of a trailer, but since I will be living in it through the winter, I figured it should be as comfortable as possible.   I am still calculating my water and propane useage and will post amounts and costs when I have that calculated.   It cost about 20 dollars for 30 lbs. of propane.  Water is $10.48 per 1,000 gallons if I haul it myself from the community well.

I am going to meet with Solar Ray ( ) today to talk about what size my hybrid solar/wind system will need to be to meet my power requirements.  I will post the final cost of that as well.  I will also be traveling to the EarthShip community ( ) to learn from their experience and to get some ideas for my own home.   I will post what I learn.

This is a beautiful area and so pristine, it seems to rain almost every day and there is a lot of wind that blows through the valley.  I chose well when I chose the site for the house, there will be plenty of resources available for sustaining myself.  I can’t wait to get started.  More to come soon…

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