Power System and Shed

Well, the Solar system and wind turbine have been ordered.   I get so much wind in this valley that I decided a turbine would be the way to go for supplemental power.  I am starting the system with two 205 watt solar panels and a 400 watt wind turbine.  I made sure to size the inverter and everything so that later expansion would be possible.   The total cost for the system (self-installed) is about $7,500.   I will add an itemized list of equipment soon, I don’t have it with me today.  Still no internet at the property since everything in this town is on “moĊ„ana” time.   I’ll be stopping by the office to express my dissatisfaction shortly.  I am building an 8′ X 8′ shed to house the power equipment and for a small amount of storage.  I’ll post pictures when they’re ready.   The first snow of the season fell on the high mountains last night…  something of a warning to me that I need to get the lead out and get myself winterized.  More to come shortly.   I added some pictures of the Rio Grande gorge and whatnot.  Enjoy.

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