Almost looks like someone lives here…

Ok boys and girls, where did I leave off?  Oh yes, about 75% of the insulation done, no windows, no toilet.   Well all that has been completed.   The waterless toilet is installed and fully functional, if something of a power hog.   When the heating element is on (to keep the compost above 50 degrees) it pulls 330 watts.   That is pretty huge when you’re pulling all of your power from the sun.  As the building nears completion though, the temperature in here is staying much more constant so the thermostat doesn’t kick on as often.   Here is a picture of the semi-installed waterless toilet.   It is up on a couple of 2×4’s at the moment to give it an air gap between itself and the floor, as the ground is frozen right now. 


I’m sure you see the bucket of empty soda cans next to the toilet (which is going to be painted, by the way.  No, this color was not my first choice)  the soda cans are for a “can wall” which is comprised of soda cans, chicken wire and mortar.   It is a huge saver on the cost of the mortar or concrete, will work very well as a shower wall, and is a great way to recycle old pop cans.   I will, of course, post pictures of that process as well.   You can see the corner of the shower slab in this picture, but here’s a better look at it, it will be surrounded by can walls with an opening for entering the shower area.


So within a week I should have functional shower facilities, though it won’t be complete yet as the cistern has yet to be purchased, so the shower will be run off of 7 gallon water containers until that arrives.    Also the sink has yet to be purchased, there is a local store called “Re-Store” that sells salvaged building materials.  They have sinks already mounted on a cabinet with countertop all together that were taken from a construction or remodel project.   They only sell viable items, and sometimes you can find real gems there.   That is where the sink will come from.  Just doing what can be done to keep it out of a landfill.   This next picture is the heater/cooktop/entertainment, the wood burning stove.  It truly is a great heater, and puts out a nice steady heat that you can feel from anywhere in the building.   It has lift-off burners on the top to facilitate cooking if you need high heat.   One word of advice though for those of you who want to install your own wood-burning stove.  Don’t use galvanized pipe, it stops being shiny after your first real fire.


And last, but not least, the shelves.   You don’t realize how important shelving is until you don’t have any and you have to keep your groceries in bags on a dirt floor.   Shelves are a beautiful thing right now.


Just a quick shout out to Z and everyone from Jonny be Good Enterprises…  More soon, stay tuned.

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