Oops, almost forgot…

I almost forgot to mention that 4 more Deka L-16 solar batteries have been added to the array for a grand total of 8.  Each battery will store 350 amp hours, so the array is now 2800 amp hours of storage.  On a 24 Volt system like this one, that equates to 67,200 Watt Hours of storage.  Of course with these types of batteries you don’t want to discharge them beyond 50% or it could lessen the life of the battery.  That gives an effective storage amount of 33,600 Watt hours.  This is totally sufficient for the needs of the household in the forseeable future.  The cost of 4 Deka L-16 batteries with the necessary 2 AWG battery interconnect cables was $1,076.  That’s one more thing checked off the list.  Soon another Kyocera 205 watt Solar Panel will be added to the array bringing the listed power generation to 615 Watts, however at this elevation (8600 ft.)  The panels work more efficiently, so it’ll probably be more like 700 Watts.  That will vastly cut down on the amount of time the generator is run, as well as the households overall carbon footprint.   Here’s a picture of the battery array.


new batteries

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