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Monday, June 21st, 2010

Sorry for the delay folks.  Ok so here’s what we’ve been up to at New Eridu.   One of the first orders of business this spring was to get another solar panel and increase the overall capacity of the system.   Fortunately the price of solar modules has come down significantly of late.   This new Kyocera 210 watt solar module was about $520.  Last fall the same module was almost 800.  Here it is about to be installed…


5-24-10 001

I had to get an extension kit for the Unirac mounting system in order to accommodate this somewhat larger module.   The grand total now is 620 watts of solar.   To put this in perspective, right now we are averaging about 3.3 Kwh per day from solar production alone.   That’s 3,300 watt hours.   A refrigerator uses about 1080 watt hours a day unless it’s an energy efficient model, then it’s about 750.  Laptops use about 35 watts an hour, flourescent lighting is about 10 watts per bulb, per hour.  You get the idea.   Before this winter hits another panel will be added to help compensate for the decreased amount of light during the winter months.  On top of this solar production the wind turbine has been put to the test this spring.   Daily average wind speeds have been 15 – 30 mph with gusts up to 50 mph.  So the turbine produces an additional 400 watts per hour (max) but the turbine works even at night.   Lately it has been a challenge to figure out where to dump the excess power, not a bad problem to have.   However power demand will be increasing as appliances are added, so it will eventually need to be expanded even further.   Oh, and remember those wind speeds?   On a few days the gusts were much higher than 50 mph.  My “temporary” turbine mounting eventually wiggled itself loose and Viola!…


solstice 5

So, after all this excitement, it was decided that another year will probably have to be spent in the “temporary” house until sufficient infrastructure is in place to support the larger abode to be…  So another 16×16 room has been appended to the initial structure.   This is to be the living room/office space.  It opens up space in the original structure for an actual kitchen, as there will be no more of this hiking to the camper to cook dinner nonsense.   So here’s the skeleton of the addition…


5-24-10 051

It’s done, windows and 1 of 2 doors are in, and insulation and drywall are in progress.   More pictures when it’s ready for them.   What else?  Lets see…  Oh yeah, did I mention the well?  That’s right people, actual on demand flowing water that wasn’t hauled from 30 miles away.  Can you believe it?



solstice 004

Yeah, me neither.  That’s why it wasn’t such a large suprise when the drilling rig busted a hose and has now been sitting idle in the yard for almost 2 weeks.   Mocking me.


solstice 012

Drilling is set to resume in the morning, we shall see how that turns out.   I promise to post something more very, very soon.