Much Much Later…

So apparently it’s been almost a year since I posted an update…  My bad.  Funds ran low and I had to start working in order to keep working…  So here we are.  Last time I posted about running the pipes from the well and putting in the new fireplace.  I’m pleased to report that the plumbing works quite well and so does the fireplace.  I installed a kitchen sink so I don’t have to do dishes in the bathroom anymore.  Here’s a picture of that, before the surface was laid on the countertop.


Don’t worry, that container is used for watering remote plants.  It’s not for drinking water.

This year was also the first attempt at a garden outside to provide lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, radishes and strawberries.  The lettuce and spinach do well, the 5 of 6 tomato plants burned under the intense direct sunlight.  The one that lived is now an indoor/outdoor plant.  The carrots were all eaten as seedlings by marauding grasshoppers.  The cucumbers went the same way, save two, which have yet to produce much.  The radishes flourished and I’m on the second planting of them now.  The srawberries were subject to a late frost but the two that survived are finally looking healthy, now that fall has set in.  It wasn’t a large garden, but important lessons were learned and next year will see significant improvement on the yield.  Here’s a picture of the garden as it was growing… the strawbales were being used as a windbreak.


garden 7-2011

The current objective is the have the excavation done for the “Pit Greenhouse” which will be 10′ x 30′ and 8′ underground.  The roof will be glass and let in the sunlight, the earth around it will keep it above freezing at all times.  In theory this should allow growing year round, even at -30 degrees.  The hope is to have the excavation completed before the end of this month (september).

This brings me to the next big accomplishment of this year, the chickens.  Yes, the chickens.  A straight run of 15 chicks was received on May 25th.  3 did not survive past the first two weeks.  Now there are 13.  Confused?  So was I…  I’m not sure where the extra chicken came from.  Unless perhaps it resurrected, jumped out of the trash and hopped back into the brooder box whilst I slept.  Regardless, of the 13, 12 are hens and there is 1 rooster.  Also an abberation as I expected an almost even distribution between males and females.  So I don’t have to slaughter any for meat yet.  Here are some pictures of the chicks as they got older.


baby chicks1

Here they are a little older… and in a slightly larger enclosure…


baby chicks2

And here they are almost ready to go outside.  You can see Jack, the rooster, off to the left starting to grow his comb in…


baby chicks3

And finally, here’s what they look like now in the temporary chicken coop.  Eventually this will be the brooding coop, but for now its where they live.


baby chicks4

That’s Gilgamesh the cat hanging out near the chickens.

The living room is mostly finished, a little more trim work to do but the paint and furniture are in place.  Let me see if I have a picture for you…


living room2

I’ll try to get a better picture up here soon, but you get the idea.  You might notice a couple of rogue buffalo roaming outside the windows.  So also this year (recently) I acquired a real full size stove from the Taos Restore.  It is owned by Habitat for Humanity and basically people donate old materials when they remodel or replace things.  Cabinets, doors, windows, appliances, sinks, etc.   I am waiting on my propane guy to convert it from natural gas to propane for me.  It works fine for now, save for the occasional fireball (hence the need for conversion).  Well that is about it for now.  I will endeavor to post again once the excavation for the greenhouse is done.